Jura Photography


Website Rebrand and Launch!

As I have been developing my photography portfolio and growing my body of case studies and client work, I've noticed my website becoming more and more cluttered and less and less relevant to my vision of how I wish my work to be displayed. So, after a little soul searching, and what I will admit to being almost endless research, followed by a lot of effort and equal measure of frustration, I'm happy to announce and launch my new website!

I've switched over to the Squarespace platform and I'm loving some of their design templates and rich features, I think it really showcases my work in a much more engaging way than my previous Zenfolio site.

I've also taken the opportunity to refine my focus to primarily being a commercial and lifestyle photographer, which better aligns with the things I like to concentrate on. You'll hopefully notice the website is primarily geared towards this, with the flexibility to add new client projects and work to develop my portfolio in these areas. I've also chosen to highlight some of the photography which drives my creativity, the "Street" section is a collection of some of my best street photography and the "Personal" section shows a limited amount of the work I'm most proud of. Overall I feel this cut down, cleaner website is easier to consume and hopefully enjoy.

Lastly, I've made a commitment to myself to try to post a blog at least each week about a topic related to photography, travel adventures, business, reviews etc. I'll also keep a running blog of client projects as well. I'm really hoping to make the blog more interesting and engaging.

So, after a ton of late night work building and coding, I've hit the launch button and I'm ready to hear your feedback! Please leave me a comment or send me a note with any suggestions.