Jura Photography


Event Photography - River Thames Cruise (20th Sep 2017)

So this was a new experience for me, shooting an event on a boat on the Thames. Starting out from Tower Bridge, the boat cruised west up the Thames, taking in all the major sights before heading back to Tower Bridge. It was great to work with the Palo Alto Networks team again, this time to cover a partner event. The assignment was to cover some candid shots of people enjoying the event and also a series of presentations and an award ceremony. It's always nice to cover events where people are enjoying themselves and the group was in good spirits, showing excitement for the experience of cruising down the Thames.

From a technical perspective, the boat was quite a challenge to photograph. The ceilings in the boat interior were really low and the light quite dark, making the use of flash necessary but also challenging as it was not possible to bounce the flash off the ceiling. Instead, it proved quite effective to bounce the light off the side windows.