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Travel Report - Portpatrick, Scotland - November 2016

With the kids off this week for half term, we thought it would be great to get up to the family holiday home in south west Scotland. For me, the week was a great way to reconnect with some very old roots, both in terms of being in and around Portpatrick and also with photography.

I've been coming up to Portpatrick since before I was born, it is like a second home. Being with the kids, old memories of climbing over rocks, being on the beach and trips to the bakery for morning rolls, pancakes and potato scones came flooding back. I also found my photography passion for shooting landscapes renewed by the amazing scenery, matched by the fantastic skies and moody ocean. I was also able to meet up with the photographer who shot our wedding - Pete Robinson, it was great to connect with local photographer and Pete was very generous, not to mention extremely helpful, with his time, thank you Pete!

As for the images, I posted a gallery below and have included a quick teaser here, I would love to get your thoughts!