Jura Photography


Travel Report - Amsterdam - September 2016

I'm just recovering from a fantastic weekend in Amsterdam, man I love this city! Skylar and I, with the help of my parents in looking after the kids, got away for the weekend and had a great time exploring Amsterdam. I think a long weekend is a great amount of time to explore Amsterdam and we had fun getting lost and simply wandering around. We particularly enjoyed the Jordaan area with its character particularly piquing our interest. We stayed pretty centrally at the Renaissance Hotel and found it to be a great base from which to explore the city.

On this trip, I think I really found my eye for street photography developing, capturing some really strong street images. Focusing on this also provided for some deeper opportunity to keep eyes open and really looking at a new environment, improving my eye for detail and awareness of the local people.

I have picked out some of my favourite images from the trip and am looking forward to going back in the summer.