Jura Photography


Amsterdam Arena Conference Event

I successfully completed my first international event this week, at the Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands, home to the Ajax football club. Working again for Palo Alto Networks, I was onsite for two days to cover a large conference event.

The location, while amazing, had some new challenges to overcome, primarily with older style lighting and projection, which posed a challenge to balance higher ISO with low shutter speeds, yet still get sharp images. In particular, preventing the projector coming through either bright red, green or blue, due to way the older technology worked, was a new and interesting challenge to overcome!

In addition to capturing the location setup and typical images of presenters etc, I also had to capture a series of awards, which had me having to keep my eye on the images, plus ensuring clean captures - free from people in the audience jumping up and trying to get their shots in. It was a good people management challenge to politely ask folks to hold off for a short second to make sure I got the official images we needed.

I'm also starting to develop my event style and workflow, I'm feeing really good in my ability to capture the enjoyment and human interaction aspects, to really help an organisation capture positive images of people enjoying the event they have likely spent a lot of money to put on. On the editing and production side, I'm developing reusable workflow processes to cut down on my editing time, allowing me to turn around work more quickly.

So all in all, a great learning experience and a great event, with some really nice images, which I have added as a case study on the commercial section of my site.