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Exploring Blenheim Palace

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been busy settling into our new home in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Having unpacked more boxes than I care to remember, we finally had an opportunity this weekend to take a break and get out to explore our new town.

Woodstock is also home to Blenheim Palace, which is truly a fantastic estate and experience, with so much to see,  both inside and outside. One quick tip is you can convert your entry ticket to an annual pass at no additional charge. We had a great time on an overcast and rather dull day, we can't wait for the summer to come and enjoy some of the events and grounds in better weather.

Blenheim also offers a lot of opportunity for photography, from the palace and grounds themselves to using them as an amazing backdrop for portraits, commissions, engagement shoots etc, it will be great to have this on my doorstep. I'm looking to establish my photography business while in Woodstock and am in the process of looking for some studio space, more to come on that!

In the meantime, I have posted a gallery of images below and I'm sure I will be adding and posting more about Blenheim and Woodstock to as we explore more.