Jura Photography


Travel Report - Madrid, Spain - September 2016

I've been to Madrid twice before and on both occasions seen little more than the airport, a taxi, an office, a meeting room, a taxi and again the airport. It was really nice on this trip with work, to have a little time between meetings to get out and enjoy the city.

I've also been growing in confidence with shooting street photography, which in my mind is loosely defined as capturing every day life and society. I am not a big fan of fast paced sightseeing, sit me down at a local cafe and let me watch and hear the local people going about their day and I am much happier. The biggest challenge I have found is to be bold enough to hold up the camera and take a picture of someone without asking, and also to quickly see an opportunity and capture the moment at the right time: camera up, focus, click, down, repeat.

So in Madrid, which I found to be a beautiful city, I really tried to capture that feel of the local people and local culture, as well as some of the sights from walking around. I hope you enjoy the gallery below.